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Glam Shots: POP! Disney Bambi

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Funko is fawning over how adorable these new Pop!’s are! Oh deer, I think I’ve made a bad joke!


POP! Vinyl Bambi

…Okay, okay. All lame jokes aside…

Pop! Disney brings you Bambi, Thumper, and Flower in our Bambi series!
These cute little animals taught us about courage, friendship, and adventure, and in August you can take them home with you!

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Glam Shots: POP! Disney Lion King

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POP! Vinyl Simba

The cutest Pop!’s in all of Africa!

Just when you thought The Lion King fun had ended, the circle of life came through and brought Simba and all his friends (and sardonic Uncle) to us in Pop! form! You can get your hands on these little guys starting July 23rd! Until then, remember the motto: Hakuna Matata!

What’s a motto? Nothing! What’s a motto with you?

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San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Exclusives: Entertainment Earth

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Earlier this week Entertainment Earth announced a few of their San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives for 2014, including collectibles from some of our favorite television shows: SNL, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Venture Bros, and The Twilight Zone. EE has over 25 exclusives to be announced between now and Comic-Con, so keep checking back. And don’t forget to visit the Entertainment Earth booth #2343 from July 24-27.


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Diamond Announces San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Exclusives

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(W) Max Brooks (A/CA) Raulo Caceres

Max Brooks returns to the frightening world of zombies versus vampires in his groundbreaking follow up series: Extinction Parade: War! The subdead were always a joke to the aristocratic vampire race. Just a speck on the radar of their immortal lives, nothing worth even a moment’s notice in their quest for self-gratification through the veins of their host, the human race. But at last they have been pulled from their ignorance into the reality of the world. The human race is facing extinction and should they succumb so too shall the vampires disappear beneath the waves of rotting walking dead. Extinction Parade: War opens the doors to the next violent chapter in Brooks’ epic tale with an oversized issue starting the all-out battle for the survival of the races! This SDCC 2014 edition is limited to 2,000 copies.

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Glam Shots: POP! Disney Frozen

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For the first time in forever… Frozen Pop!’s are coming!


Funko is excited to finally announce their brand new Frozen Pop! Series! They have had many request for this series and they couldn’t wait for the line to make it’s debut! The Oscar-winning film is the highest grossing animated film of ALL TIME! Frozen’s soundtrack was also the best-selling digital soundtrack EVER!

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Glam Shots: POP! Breaking Bad

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YO! From the Funko lab… After MANY requests…
From the 10 time Primetime Emmy winning television series… Funko is serving you a fresh batch of Breaking Bad Pop!’s!


Walter White

These Pop!’s are as addicting as Blue Crystal! All of your favorite characters are available in their most iconic attire! Funko has even captured Gus’ extraordinary death in Pop! form! Check him and the rest of the characters out below! Available in July!

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